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For a small fee of only $5 dollars I touch pee pee's 

Hand Massage

I will pull your finger 

Holistic medicine is a broad range of practices based on generations of healing techniques learned and passed down. I use all my knowledge to pull your fingers creating the perfect fart. What better way to release and relax 


A little about myself 

Name is zach but my clients call me doc brock. I like long walks on the beach and stealing girlfriends with my incredible brockrubs and if you're wondering, yes I copyrighted that "brockrubs". In my free time I like to skip arm day and only do legs because legs are the foundation personalities are built upon and mine is so heavy it would crush a lesser man. I once rode a crocodile to shore because I didn't feel like paddling. Oh and don't worry about the fact that I don't wear masks for one and let's be honest would you want to cover up this face??? And covid doesn't pass this stache, I didn't grow this for your enjoyment....

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